Taking a carmaker back to first place



BMW, working with We Are Vista communications agency


BMW needed help communicating a fresh strategy and future vision to their retail network and employees at their forthcoming dealer conference and beyond. Saynor, working with We Are Vista, collaborated with BMW to develop a communications plan to re-energise and re-engage their audience and take BMW back to No. 1 for UK sales.


We ran a series of workshops and meetings with the BMW executive team to understand the current landscape, the future vision and identify the challenges and obstacles to achieving it. Then we took these insights and developed a messaging framework and storyline to run through all the campaign communications.

This was translated into compelling content for the live event including film, print and on-screen media. And we provided speaker coaching and script writing to support the presenters in landing the message with maximum impact.

The campaign proved hugely successful for BMW. In the months following, sales increased substantially, and BMW regained their top UK sales spot.

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