giving delegates a global view



A global manufacturing company


Saynor Events were tasked with producing three regional conferences in Europe, Asia and the Americas. These events were an opportunity to update distributors on new product developments and get them onboard with the global strategy for the year ahead.  



London, Austin and Singapore were selected as the destinations of choice with London the first stop on the tour.

Consistent branding, set design and content ran across all three events to ensure a cohesive message and reinforce the aligned global strategy. 

This was balanced by a format that encouraged audience interaction and collaboration and focused on how best to implement the global plans in the regions.

Each venue was carefully selected to showcase the destinations with impressive views and contemporary designs.  And the social programmes were  designed to maximise networking opportunities and provide a local flavour.   In London delegates were treated to a  private stadium tour of Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea F.C and you can’t visit Austin without BBQ so guests enjoyed a fun evening at the famous Lamberts BBQ.

The response was very positive across all three regions with delegates reporting a high level of understanding of the global strategy and a local plan.

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